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Lepaseree is a collaboration of three Estonian musicians who, despite having different musical backgrounds, are all interested in finding harmony between old traditional songs and modern sound. In the heart of Lepaseree you’ll find folksongs, accordion and guitars, but the musicians also use hiiu kannel, ocarina, sansula and lokupill. All these different instruments amount to music that is one of a kind.

Minimalistic is the word that comes to mind when describing their arrangements, because their aim is to let the power and meaning of the old songs shine through the music. Their first album “Väräjän” (“At the gate”) gives the listeners a chance to peek through the gate into a world long forgotten. Meelika has the ability to bridge the gap between the old songs and the audience with her sincere way of singing. It’s her voice, Kulno’s innovative accordion playing style and Paul’s masterful guitar playing that makes up Lepaseree and takes the band on a journey to rediscover Estonian heritage and reach for new musical frontiers.


Meelika Hainsoo – vocal, northern bowed harp
Kulno Malva – accordion, ocarina, sansula, live-looper
Paul Daniel – accoustic guitar, electric guitar

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