Kulno is an active accordionist, composer and folk musician. In addition to his solo project, Kulno is playing in different groups, like Duo Malva & Priks. Folksell, Hajameelsed Kunznikud. He is also a co-founder of several well-known Estonian bands, such as Svjata Vatra and Nikns Suns.

Kulno Malva has released two solo albums. At the moment he’s working on a brand-new solo performance where we can hear instruments like sansula, ocarina, lokupill and Estonian bagpipe, in addition to singing and Kulno’s original way of handling the accordion. Little help from the sound effects and the looper and it all turns into one striking whole.

Kulno has once said about himself: „I’m looking for my own sound and face, not to walk in someone else’s shoes, but to find my own path, whether I work with heritage or my own creation.”

Kulno has been a delegate in the last two WOMEX world music expos.

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